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iPhones VS. Windows Phones


Lately, I have been thrilled to find different features on my Windows 8 Phone (Nokia Lumia 1020)! And after being an Apple iPhone user for three years, I seriously think making the switch to this Windows Phone was worth it.

With my Windows Phone, I get the updates I want, and am not bombarded with thousands of notifications I have to check. The live tiles and constantly updated streams of media through the social network apps I use, e-mail, and people hub are very useful. From my home screen, I can quickly see what my friends are up to, what’s going on my Twitter and Facebook account, and the e-mails I need to read without being forced to see these notifications at once on my lock screen. Continue reading →

Nokia Lumia 1020 Review


Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020

Author’s Note: Tech blogging has been a hard task to get back into. I have loved being able to blog about who I am and my lifestyle. Although, while I am working on The Eternity Journal. I hope to continue pursuing this wonderful blog and hope to expand real soon.

I recently switched up my iPhone 4 for the Windows 8 Phone Nokia Lumia 1020. In one word this phone is amazing. It’s camera and photo features are brilliant. The storage capacity is perfect. Plus, the clutter-less start screen and app menu contribute to the beautiful and modern nature of this phone.

I switched phones for several reasons. The iPhone 4 is about four years old. It outlasted its warranty and was barely making it through. The iOS update back in October renewed this phone for me, but deep down I clearly knew that the iPhone was no longer my style.

The first thing that sold me to the Nokia Lumia 1020 was the fact that it’s camera is 41 Mega-Pixels. That is quite a lot for a phone! QUITE A LOT! Not even the Nikon D7100 which is more than $1,000 in price has 41 Mega-Pixels. This feature was obviously a big deal.

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Superman: War of the Superman Comic #0: A Comic Book Review

superman_war_of The comic Superman #0: War of the Superman, follows the story of Kal-El also known as Superman. In this particular adventure of the Man of Steel he seeks to uncover the truth about the events taking place on the planet of New Krypton. Here Superman finally confronts General Zod about his use of the New Kryptonians to invade earth. After some back and forth banter Superman discovers that his suspicions were indeed true. Now Clark must stop an army of Kryptonians that are just as powerful as him.

The dialogue was very well played, each piece of dialogue fit very well with each character. The story was fluid, simple, and straight to the point, none of that useless overly dramatic super-long script where you are half bored to death. Instead the pacing was quick, clean; crisp and it engulfed you and tempted you to read on. Personally I would have bought this comic for myself and the following issues as well. I will have to point out some things I did not like so much. The part where Kal gets cut with the kryptonite blade seemed random and out of place since the setting of that scene is filled with Kryptonian technology, it felt out of place and an excuse to use kryptonite.

The art was superb, the colors used and the lighting was very well executed. It was not to dark as to take away from the Superman theme, and not to bright as to make it cheesy or corny. The lines are detailed, and the contrast was there. All these points made it a very enjoyable sight to look at. I will have to bring up the fact that again the scene where Ursa is licking the kryptonian knife rubs me the wrong way. Her face was not done very well at all. Otherwise everything else in the art was executed with expert hands.

Finally to wrap it up I would definitely tell you to read this book as soon as possible. Its dialogue, story, and pacing are superb. If the other issues of this story arc are all like this I would pick them up as soon as they reached the store. The kyprtonian knife scene felt to me as an excuse to include kryptonite. The art was exquisite and very eye pleasing. The color, textures, contrast and lighting was something that made this book great. My final verdict is that I would give this book is that it is amazing and fantastic if you enjoy Superman.

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Get Your Daily Newspapers Digitally with PressReader

PressReader AppeBooks, magazines and PDF Documents have been quite popular since the creation of eReaders and smart phone apps. What happened to those good old newspapers everyone loved to read? Introducing Press Reader, an app that brings your old fashioned newspaper to your modern smart phone.  Press Reader was created by Newspapers Direct in order to fulfill one’s need to stay in touch with technology while still being able to do something as simple as reading a newspaper.

This app has a simplistic design which gives you ease of navigation and a stunning view of any of your favorite daily newspapers! It’s a beautiful new transition from old fashioned newspapers to digital e-reading. Browse through their vast selection of newspapers, discover top stories around the world, and keep up to date with world news in a modern way. No more buying issues through newsstands. Simply download the app, select your subscription package and get your newspapers your way! Press Reader has a selection of over 2,300 newspapers. That includes publications from over 96 countries in 54 different languages.

Other great features include being able to pan and zoom through the images in the newspaper itself, share the most interesting news articles on Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail, listen to your publications in full clear audio (great for discovering news on the go), and you can even flip through your newspapers like you would in real life.

When I first downloaded Press Reader, I was surprised to see my local newspaper available for me to select. The newspaper was displayed as it should be and on the bottom, all the articles and contents were in one place. I was able to read the top headlines in a clean and sophisticated new layout. Every article from the newspaper was available for me to read in full mobile format from my iPhone. It was very impressive; no other news reader apps that I have tried gave me this advantage. Apps such as Flipboard and Flud News were able to combine news from all over the internet in one place, while Press Reader delivers real newspapers directly to your electronic device. Bringing you offline news in real-time. How cool is that?

You can download your favorite newspapers on your tablet, phone, and computer. This app is currently available for download on most operating systems such as Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Windows 7 Computers (Check Press Reader to see if you’re computer is compatible).  The app has various subscription packages to get the most out of your daily publications. You can Pay As You Go for only 99 cents or upgrade to a monthly subscription starting at $29.95.

This is definitely an app worth trying! Get on your smart phone, tablet, or computer, and download Press Reader! I highly recommend it! Definitely an It’s Technologic approved app! Check out all their publication features and go digital with your newspapers now!

Love Blogging on the Go?! Try BlogGo!

Lately all you see in the app store are new games or ways to post more on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. Some apps are really cool, others just aren’t necessary.

I’ve been off this blog for a little while now and it’s only because I have been trying to focus on my personal blog The Eternity Journal. While I was focused on the Blogger world instead of WordPress, I came across a really awesome app called BlogGo!

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Hassle-Free Event Management with EventWith!

EventWithHave you heard about EventWith? The great new app that lets anyone organize and share an event with ease! Attending events can lead to some of the most exciting social experiences; however planning an event is a different type of story. Planning an event can be a very stressful, time consuming, and unmanageable undertaking that a person chooses to take. Have you ever had to plan a camping trip for you and your friends? Or what about that annual family picnic? These events can be complicated to plan and have so many details that are easy to miss. What if there was an application that helped you plan your group events actively with everyone involved? With the EventWith application all this is accomplished without any hassles at all! Continue reading →

Wikipedia Needs Your Help!

I was researching a couple of days ago and noticed this notification bar on the top of the page. The bar was in yellow and it seemed to be an important message from Wikipedia.
It was important. Wikipedia is currently having financial issues in maintaining their service. All the information you research and find on Wikipedia is given to you for free. For this one time, Wikipedia is asking for support in donations as little as $3. Help Wikipedia stay online! Wikipedia has been a part of my research even on It’s Technologic for years. Wikipedia was built to help those in need for information on a specific topic or even just for fun. It became a community full of users posting articles to help one another learn what they did not know before. If everyone donated as little as $3, think of the long way it would go for Wikipedia if we all took part in helping it.

To donate please go to to find the notification bar at the top or search Wikipedia for something and find it there. Learn more info and donate!