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ZillyDilly: The World’s First Media Manager For Children

  Times have changed and now-a-days even children from the age of 7 and up are starting to develop an interest in tech gadgets. Gadgets are most popular amongst kids are handheld video game portables, the iPod, and now the iPad. With the ease of use of the iPad, all children need to do is have their parents install the games they’d like to play and they’re all set. Kids can easily browse through their games & apps and play as they please.

    Now with this new app for iPad called ZillyDilly, kids can safely browse through selected websites that allows them to play, learn, and interact. Parents can be safely assured that every website their child browses through the app is safe and appropriate for kids.

ZillyDilly has great features that will make sure your child’s media experience is easy and fun too! These features include an easy navigation by different sections called “friends” located on the top right corner of the app. Each “friend” has a name and each friend has its own set of websites to show you. There’s a friend for family relationships, a friend for socializing, value of education, education enrichment, and entertainment.

Another great feature on ZillyDilly is the color coded time buttons. Under each friend in the navigation menu is a little circle. This circle changes color from green to orange to red. The green light indicates that you have a lot of time left to spend with each “friend”, the orange light indicates that you are almost out of time, and the red light indicates that you have to stop spending time with your “friend”. Then when the light under the calendar icon turns red, it indicates that you have to use the app next week because you ran out of time with all your “friends”.

This is a really useful feature for kids because it gives them a time limit so kids aren’t using the internet all day and have time to get other activities done offline like playing with real friends. The point of the app is to make it fun and easy for kids to browse through the internet in a new and safe way.

The app was created by psychiatrist Dr. Eitan Schwarz, and I got the chance to ask him some questions about the app that will give you a better understanding on what the app’s goal is.

1. What inspired the idea of ZillyDilly?

ZillyDilly is the embodiment of the original ideas in my book “Kids, Parents, and Technology: A Guide for Young Families” that evolved as I was researching play therapy with children and online devices and technology devices, and counseling their families. As a child psychiatrist, I am hyperaware of the emotional and intellectual needs of developing children, so I tailored my ideas to the development process and family needs, and created a system that helps a parent or educator customize the Internet for each child.

2. What aspects of the app allow you to believe that ZillyDilly will be a great educational app?

ZillyDilly is very educational for parents, particularly in my commentary and structuring an approach to media consumption they can use with all media. This approach starts with appreciating the developing mind/brain and its needs in the home and school environments from infancy through teens. So parents become educated and empowered and then given the tool to implement what they have learned.

In terms of being educational for the child, the whole Internet becomes curated to be the best experience and then becomes a potential classroom. I also educate mental health workers and therapists in a chapter about using technology in therapy with children to learn the place of media in their schedule, time management, and that entertainment is only a small part of technology media experience. They also learn to collaborate at home with family members, and social-emotional learning takes place in terms of developing values, family relationships, social skills, and responsibility. ZillyDilly enables parents to introduce youngsters to technology and the Internet, and then see them through childhood as their needs change and responsibility increases, ultimately to be not dependent on media.

3. How safe is ZillyDilly for kids who are just learning to use the internet?

Parents are in total control of the online experience and we offer no options that we think may be unsafe. In addition, we give parents a chance to visit sites and inform them with pop-ups of any particular issues on a site.

4. Are there any new upcoming features of this app?

Of course! And they are absolutely mind-blowing. We hope to excite kids, families and educators now, and add more exciting features later.

In conclusion, ZillyDilly is a great new iPad app now available in the app store for children who are starting to use technology. ZillyDilly provides an easy, clean, and fun experience for kids of all ages when it comes through browsing through internet media. Download ZillyDilly for your child today!


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